Fast and Easy Cartooning for Fun

Fast and Easy Cartooning for Fun!

The Fast and Easy Cartooning for Fun! handbook presents games and skill-building lessons, illustrated with examples by the author, professional cartoonists, and students. The Handbook alternates art games with see–and-do skills acquisition activities. Skills acquisition is part of a process, not the be-all and end-all. Students quickly develop the ability to draw funny faces, move bodies through space, and tell multi-panel stories. This creative approach encourages young artists to develop their own characters and write their own comic strips.

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With this book, beginning artists can learn on their own; teachers and parents can guide students even if they don't know cartooning themselves. Professional cartoonists can make more money teaching cartooning!

Based on twelve years of cartooning workshops, author/instructor Robert Gluckson has integrated the most successful lessons and activities. A comics historian as well as arts educator, he is the writer/narrator of the documentary “Words and Pictures from Stone Age to the Present.” He has a Master's degree -- in Popular Culture!

Cartooning Develops Creativity and Art Ability

Cartooning is a skill set that anyone can learn.

Since schools abandoned art education, parents and teachers often hear comments like "I can't draw" and "I'm not creative."

Happily, the Cartooning handbook activities inspire a creative flow that quickly replaces the self-defeating "I can't, I'm not" dialog. Guided exercises take students from the known into the previously-unknown, enabling them to demonstrate mastery along the way, and allowing creativity to flow.

Teaching Benefits

In addition to building drawing skills, cartooning offers many educational benefits, enabling us to:

  • Communicate quickly through pictures
  • Teach anything with pictures
  • Improve student writing and presentation skills
  • Prepare students for careers in storyboarding and illustration
  • Draw anything found on the internet or in the library.
  • Teach cartooning

Table of Contents

Mix and Match Facial Features 
Balloon Heads, Side to Side and Up and Down 
Stick Figures 
Tin Can Man 
Action Lines 
Brainstorming and Stream of Conscious 
Create Your Character 
Model Sheets 
Muscle Memory Drawing from Photographs 
Model Sheets 
Panel Break Downs 
Morgues/Drawing from Photos 
Language of Film 
Build Your Own Art Studio 
Nametag -- with animals or faces 
Cartooning Pass-Along Game 
Exquisite Corpse 
Squiggle Character Game 
Educational Comic 
Flip Book 
Funny Money 
Upside Down Head Copies 
Visual Diary 
Publish Your Class Comic Book 
Poster Jam 


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Web Resources

Cartooning Instruction

Famous Character Model Sheets

Comic Book History

Teaching with Comics


  • People who want to learn cartooning
  • Wannabe Professional cartoonists
  • Art teachers
  • Teachers who want to use cartooning in the classroom
  • Parents
  • Homeschoolers
  • Business people who want to use cartooning
  • Cartoonists who want to make money

What's different about this cartooning book?

The approach utilizes fun, creative games – skills acquisition is part of a process, not the be-all and end-all. Most books are written by artists for aspiring professionals. They're for people who diligently apply themselves. Our approach, “Play fun art games and learn skills at the same time” is different than “Learn these skills to be able to eventually work within standard genres.” The proven format alternates cartooning games with see–and-do skills acquisition activities.

Non-cartoonist teachers and parents can use this book to teach cartooning using classroom-tested activities and step-by-step instructions. No cartooning skills are needed. The “have fun” approach makes it easy to lead new learners and their involvement results in fast skills acquisition.

Cartoonists can use this book to add another income stream. Just because a person can do something doesn't mean they can teach what they know. This book adds another skill set.


Contact writer/publisher Robert Gluckson to discuss purchasing an ebook or hard-copy of the "Fast and Easy Cartooning for Fun" handbook. Teachers can arrange to purchase multiple copies at reduced rates. Email or call (808) 278-2151.