Professor Marvel presents

Professor Marvel's Magic Theater

Professor Marvel presents "Whitney and the Fairy," a paper-doll puppet play.

Hire A Puppet!

Clown Magic Puppet Shows Offered in Kauai

Ringmaster and Clown Puppets

Ringmaster and Clown perform in “Florachica Joins the Circus.” This paper-bag puppet technique can be mastered by six-year-olds.

Punky and Fink Bird puppets

Punky the popsicle stick puppet illustrates a fast, effective technique that can be shared in a kid’s class.

Zippedy the Clown presents puppet shows at libraries, museums, and parties in Kauai.

Professor Marvel's Magic Theater presents puppet shows, classes, and custom-puppet plays about your project. Sponsor a puppet show at your next event. Professor Marvel's Magic Theater has performed at Ashland Oregon's Southern Oregon University Schneider Art Museum, Medford's Kid's Discovery Center, and as part of Zippedy's clown show. See newspaper article.

Provide a space for kids to create their own puppets and shows. See the class description.

Do you have a message you’d like to share through these magical mouthpieces? Now custom puppet shows can be created to meet the needs of your good cause or organization, then played on your website.

Playwright and puppeteer Robert Gluckson (aka Zippedy and Professor Marvel) will create puppets and write a show to promote your good cause. Past shows have promoted environmental education, critical thinking, and children’s self-esteem.

Shows will be performed at your event and then turned over to your group for repeat shows. Digital recordings can be hosted on the internet to share your message forever.

Bring merriment and magic to your next event. Hire a puppet! Email or call (808) 278-2151.


"Great job! Thanks for Puppet Sunday [at the Symphony of Life Center for Spiritual Living, Ojai, California]. I think you had great ideas and the children really had fun. I know I did. I thought the kids did a great job on their puppets."

~ Rev. Marilyn Miller

Crankie puppet theater

Grandfather Juniper, Alicia, and the Cowboy, stars of a popular puppet play, illustrate the toy panorama tradition that can be adapted to puppet shows with a message.