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Zippedy the Clown Presents Performance Art and Education

Professor Marble Presents Clown Magic Puppet Shows

Welcome to the Zippedy the Clown web site, the portal to a range of Performance Art and Arts Education activities.

Zippedy the Clown presents puppet shows at libraries, museums, and parties on the Big island, Hawaii.

Create an unforgettable event with our performance artists: Bellydancer (with live snake), Merlot the Mime, the Singing Telegram Lady, Charlie Chaplin, Zippedy the Clown, or the Ringmaster; or feature your guest of honor in a puppet show! Clown events can include balloons, bubbles, and face painting. See photographs of our artists.

Zippedy the Clown is the alter ego of artist/educator Robert Gluckson, M.A. Zippedy appears at parties, events, and parades, where he does walkabouts, creates balloon sculptures, and leads group games, sing-alongs, and knock-knock joke contests. Party-goers can don a costume, get their faces painted, and join the parade! He and his clown partner, Doo-dah, write, produce, and perform clown plays. Read about the fabulously successful Eureka Library clown, puppet and magic show that drew 100 kids and parents.

As a Performance Artist, Robert does Clowning, Puppet Plays, Stilt-Walking, and creates and leads Parades. See the Performing Arts Resume.

As an Arts Educator, Robert offers classes that feature performance art skills, including Cartooning, Clowning, Pirate Treasure Hunt, Optical Illusions (led by Professor Op), the Art and Science of Harry Potter Magic, Mask-Making and Parades. His classes have been featured at, art museums, alternative schools, libraries, and community colleges. See all the Class Descriptions.

Zippedy presents original puppet performances with Professor Marvel's Magic Theater. Hire Professor Marvel to present a puppet show, teach a class, or create a puppet play that presents your message. Your play can be shared by your crew or on your website. See more at Puppet Shows.

His new book, Fast and Easy Cartooning for Fun!, presents a step-by-step training program for all ages; instructions enable parents and teachers to lead workshops, even if they're not cartoonists themselves. See more about the book!

The Make Money Teaching Cartooning Special Report enables artists and teachers to add art education to their repertoire and make money at the same time!

His education includes clown training at Wavy Gravy's Camp WinnaRainbow and the tutelage of Bubbles the Clown/Alicia the Mermaid. The Vashon Island IsleWilde community directed his early performance art experience, where he learned to operate giant puppets and act in community ritual plays.

In his other identity, Robert works as a teacher and marketing consultant. See his Professional Teaching Credentials and Illustrated Portfolio.

Bring merriment and magic to your next event. Hire Zippedy! Email or call (808) 278-2151.

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